Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Got Markers!

I hip-hop to my mailbox everyday, looking for potential treasures. Thus far I've hit the jackpot three times! Aren't they lovely and drool-able?

This pink number came from GeorgeAnne. Presently, I'm fighting with my daughter for them. According to her, pink is one of her favorite colors and so she needs them to make her Christmas tree look even prettier (she has her own little 18" tree that she leaves up year round). Thanks bunches, GeorgeAnne. They'll be put to good use, one way or another.

I got this wonderful set from Karen L. Karen tells me that this is the first time she's done markers. I say, keep going - you're doing great! Thank you for the pretties, Karen.

And this is what I got from Jean. I love the stars on the markers. And she made a really cool knitted doily, too. Thank you, Jean! {r = 1 - sinθ} it.

Here's a close up on those star markers.

Friday, May 9, 2008

That's how they get you!

So, my friend Alla and I have been going on this knit-along binge. It started real nice and simple with me mentioning that I signed up for the Mystic Light shawl KAL and would she be interested in joining. The KAL was going along swimmingly - the clues were clear and concise and the shawl was revealing itself very nicely. We were feeling no pain, having fun and thrilled with our results. Then we saw that there was another shawl KAL just starting up and thought: hey, why not, we could use another hit. So we joined. Then there was another, and another, and... This doesn't even include my Fairy Tale Socks KAL that is about to begin. So now I'm signed up for 5 shawl KALs, 1 sock KAL, and the designer who did the Mystic Light KAL is going to start another KAL soon so I'll probably sign up for that one too. These KALs are taking over my life!

But on the happy side, I've finished my stitch markers and have mailed out all but one set. I'm waiting to hear from Kena (our moderator) to clear up some confusion regarding the last set. Hopefully my partners will get their markers, without breakage, soon.

I've received two sets of markers, thus far. One set with pretty pink beads from GeorgeAnne, and another set with lovely blue beads from Karen L.. I'll post pictures soon (yes, I'm on the wrong computer, again).