Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I still don't get this "Title" thing

My conscience has been prodding me to actual work on this blog. The Spring Stitch Marker Exchange is about to kick off and our wonderful Moderator suggests that the participants update the team blog or even their personal blog as they receive their markers. I personally love scrolling through the blogs to see the gorgeous markers that the other members made, as well as to see what pretties they might be knitting.

Which leads me back to my need to update my blog. Why is it that an Exchange can get me to do something that otherwise would be ignored like the dust bunnies that have been breeding under my couch? Because I'm worse at posting to the SME team blog page than I'm at updating my own (which I know makes no sense since a blog is a blog no matter who owns it, but this illogic just typifies my life).

So I had this great idea to post pictures of the wonderful stitch markers that I'd received from the Winter SME. It would be great practice for the up-coming Exchange. But then reality sets in because I realize (as I'm typing this) that I'm on the wrong computer. Pretty pictures are stored on hubby's computer, not on mine. If I was on my daughter's computer I probably can get to them through file sharing, but alas...(and what does it say when my young child has a better computer than me? Actually, it says that my husband has free reign to play and update on my daughter's computer but is banned from doing the same on mine. "Honey, they've released new updates" are words to be dreaded if your computer is as old as mine). And so, this great idea will probably cower under the couch with the other ignored residents. I hope it won't be too traumatized, seeing as how those dust bunnies have mutated from being small and fuzzy to something resembling Yetis.

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