Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Got Markers!

I hip-hop to my mailbox everyday, looking for potential treasures. Thus far I've hit the jackpot three times! Aren't they lovely and drool-able?

This pink number came from GeorgeAnne. Presently, I'm fighting with my daughter for them. According to her, pink is one of her favorite colors and so she needs them to make her Christmas tree look even prettier (she has her own little 18" tree that she leaves up year round). Thanks bunches, GeorgeAnne. They'll be put to good use, one way or another.

I got this wonderful set from Karen L. Karen tells me that this is the first time she's done markers. I say, keep going - you're doing great! Thank you for the pretties, Karen.

And this is what I got from Jean. I love the stars on the markers. And she made a really cool knitted doily, too. Thank you, Jean! {r = 1 - sinθ} it.

Here's a close up on those star markers.

1 comment:

fleegle said...

You are probably right, but I just fold down the top a bit and it is perfectly wearable.

Thanks for the nice words!