Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Did the Leaves Started Changing Colors?

Seriously, where did the time go? I would have sworn it was just summer...

So here's the scoop, as if it isn't already obvious - I'm really bad at updating. But the good news is , I usually do get to it...eventually.

Which is why I'm just now posting picture for markers that I received back in May during the Spring Swap. And to add insult to injury, I don't remember who send them to me (hanging my head in shame). So my sincerest thanks to the lovely partner who sent these beauties to me. You gotta love these beads!

And because I'm on a roll for addressing my tardiness, here is a sample of the markers that the wonderful Angel Taryn send to me, along with a lovely pen and note pad set. Taryn has the most amazing collection of beads. I love these speckled ones . To me, these beads invoke images of exotic birds and their eggs.

Now I move us in time to more current events, and here we find the beautiful works of Melissa and Mona.

This set is from Melissa. You can't see it (remember what I said about my pathetic picture taking ability...?), but the large bead has this cut glass surface at the bottom that catches the light and makes everything sparkle oh so nicely. Thanks bunches, Melissa. She also included a delicious tea that did not make it into the photo before it was consumed.

The second set I received in the Fall 08 Exchange is from Mona. I try to catch the beautiful color of these beads by setting them against a darker background. They are wonderful. Thank you so much, Mona.

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